Together now

Gracie Hagen & Cupcakedujour in NYC – a tableau

Together now

A petite, muscular, model sits cross-legged on a red velvet couch.  She is nude, save for an oversized Unicorn mask, that completely obscures her head and face.

Across the room, a delicately featured dynamo, in a top knot and red lips, furiously sounds off directions, while shifting about from foot to foot.

The building’s owner, a heavily tattooed artist from Williamsburg, stomps through the adjacent room, with a tall, elegantly dressed business man.  

A tour is going on.  The location is being considered for a television series.

Upon walking into the room with the red couch, the business man trips.  There is a small break in the owners paragraph, as he eyes the man righting himself.  Conversation returns to the breakdown of the space, and the possibilities it holds for the production.

The tall man, stifles a smile.  

But I don’t feel magical

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    Primeiro, deixa eu falar algumas coisas sobre mim: trabalho num banco, mas adoro cachorros; toco violino, mas trabalho escutando chorinho, samba ou bossa nova (tipo:; gosto dos filmes dos irmãos Coen e do Robert Altman, mas também dos x-men (todos!); meu penne ao pesto é sensacional, mas adoro transar (e sou excelente nisto!)<br /><br />Isso tudo é só

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