Tita X Sash X The Blonde Locks

Tita X Sash X The Blonde Locks
Phat Camp Summer Sleepover

I first met Sash Suicide in October 2009, when we ran the SuicideGirls booth at the Big Apple Comiccon together.  We spent three days greeting guests, meeting fans, and managing sales, in one of the busiest cities in the world.  I learned so much from Sash in those few short days!  The very basis of how I ran booths from there on in, was forever impacted, and my success in that arena continued to grow, thanks to her.  

It occurred to me the other day while I was doing a load of laundry that I have A LOT of clothing from The Blonde Locks.  From tees, to tanks, hoodies, and bikinis, to hats, I could literally go weeks without wearing a different brand.  Since I met Bridget Blonde via Steve Prue, The Blonde Locks was an obvious choice to shoot in for my collaboration with him, and my dear Sash last month…

While I was staying at Bridget’s house, she let me go thru some of her new items, and bring em to my sleepover with Sash!  

Check out these rad photos of Sash & I in items from The Blonde Locks Summer Phat Camp collection!  I just love this lil lady so much.  Collaborating on a photoshoot together was a really wonderful experience, and best of all, I know we will do again, and again. 

Get your hands on some Blonde Locks today!
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