Tita Tuesday – Yero Brown

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Yero Brown

“Yero Brown is a unique and passionate artist with a very raw approach to his craft.  As a Director he relies on instinct and his connection with artist or piece.  Drawing inspiration from whatever or whomever he deems fit.” 

“Photography is a new found passion, that he expresses with unique angles, muted colors and a fusion style that he refers to as ARTOGRAPHY.  With his camera never at rest be sure to see much more from this very talented visual artist.”

I first came across Yero’s work via Instagram.  I was immediately intrigued by his gritty but beautiful, creative but relatable style, and his ability to push a moment to the brink of the perverse, without over doing it.

Having just missed each other on my previous two trips to LA, my return in December was booked in part to accommodate his travel schedule. Finally, after months of planning, we connected and shot for several hours at Chloe Suicide’s house (keep an eye out for work by the two of them soon!).  The resulting sets are some of my favourite images to date.  It’s always interesting to see yourself through another person’s eyes.  I feel like Yero saw me through his lens in a way I see myself day to day.  

This is just a taste of what we came up with!  To see the entire NSFW set, log into Flickr

Stay tuned for more photo sets, a Zivity submission, and as much trouble as we can get into, all over the internet. 

You ain’t seen nothin yet 😉


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