Tita Tuesday – Yero Brown & Señor Lukka

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

“Before All Else” 

Shot during the LA stop of the Rockstar Roadtrip by the one and only Yero Brown, our new set was born of the friendship we have built since our first collaboration.  

We share an unshakeable belief in the importance of individuality, self expression, and “following your gut”.

This set inspired a creative back and forth between Yero and progressive artist Señor Lukka.

“We met on Instagram. We followed each other and just admired each others work for a while. Then I finally reached out to him one day and asked if he’d like to collob. He was all for it! 

I told him I wanted it to be on something different, not just any picture. I had a few of thugxwife and of (Tita) that I thought would be cool. I sent them to him. At first I was just going to use what he did, but after talking on KiK for hours we realized that the best results would come from me shooting, sending them to him to edit, then sending them back to me to do my final touches. 

That’s the process.  So he actually gets an unedited image first. Draws on them. Then send them back and I do my thing” – Yero

I feel so fortunate to work with and be surrounded by talent and creativity.  To be a part of a collaboration of this nature is incredibly inspiring to me.  I am a lucky girl.

See the full set of 44 images at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cupcakedujour/sets/72157633041441066/

Do you love it?!?

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