Tita Tuesday – Vivid Vivka

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds

I have worked with, met, and been inspired by so many talented people…I wondered how best to showcase this wonderful aspect of my life.

It occurred to me that the one thing all these people have in common is… Well… Me!  Why not celebrate them each week, with a new post highlighting the impact they have made on my life.

This week’s featured guest is none other than SuicideGirl and Zivity’s top model Vivid Vivka!
I first met Vivid in 2008, at Hell City Tattoo Festival.  Channeling “Audrey Hepburn on acid”, in a large, floppy hat, giant sunglasses, and bright pink hair; Vivid amazed and delighted a crowd of onlookers as she defeated (and destroyed)  a 12 year boy at Rockband.  She then walked out the door, and without missing a beat, nailed this rad photo with Steve Prue.  

Dynamic, gregarious, gorgeous, and a true pro.

Fast forward 4 years and who walks into my hotel room?!?  The one and only Ms. Vivka.
During the course of her shoot with Steve, we discovered that we had a lot more in common than our diminutive stature –  We also had similarly sexy outfits! Namely, cropped leather jackets & sky high heels.  
What else could we do but get half naked and show em off?!?

Next up we decided to take full advantage of the large closet in our suite at The Standard, by climbing on into it!

We call these shots “Pants needed.  Send Black Milk Clothing

I seriously cannot wait to reunite with this lil dynamo next month in LA!!  We’ll geek out over design.  We’ll plan world domination.  We’ll eat meat.

Do you love it?!?  

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