Tita Tuesday – Ulorin Vex

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

“Which way do you want to go?”

From time to time I have epic NSFW adventures with Steve Prue.  On one such trip, while staying in downtown Los Angeles, we decided to meet up with friends of his, on the fly.  You can imagine my excitement when it turned out to be none other than alt model extraordinaire Ulorin Vex!!

Though most people know her as a fiery haired, latex wearing, fetish and high art model, she is also an accomplished artist, and carries a BSc (hons) degree in Natural Sciences.  Sweet, intelligent and educated?!?  Yup, she’s got it all.   

Ms. Vex has been featured in BizarreGothic Beauty & Vice magazine, Tigi campaigns and most recently, the cover of Photographers Companion.

Joining us that day was Ulorin’s husband and long time collaborator, the very talented Allan Amato.  
Strange but true – Allan bears a striking resemblance to my brother
While the boys talked photography and guy stuff (Kevin Smith, Vegas, tech toys), us girls chatted about hair colour, travel, and England (I gushed about English telly & Cadbury’s chocolate).  

In the end we all settled into a delightful discussion on nudity, drank our way through too much coffee, and made plans to meet up again for cupcakes at Big Man Bakes.  Stay tuned…
Do you love it?!?

Creep her here 😉

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