Tita Tuesday – Tyson McAdoo

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

“A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament” – Oscar Wilde

Tyson McAdoo once told me that breaking his knee was “the greatest thing that ever happened” to him.

Tyson spent his formative years surrounded by flexible girls, clothed in tight leotards, studying ballet.  In 1997, an injury sidelined his plans to perform, and left him pondering options beyond the studio.  Like scores of athletes, and performers before him, when his body failed, he had no choice but to use his mind.  Enrolling in art school, he was lured into a life of design, art directing, and creating.  His time as a dancer proved excellent reference for his drawings of the female form, and provided inspiration for his female figurative digital paintings. 

“Love Struck”
With works inspired by well known models and muse’s like Mosh, and The SuicideGirls, Tyson’s paintings have garnered attention the world over for their delicate artistry, and delightful details.  Published in magazines, and books, printed on merchandise from skate boards, to posters, and shown in galleries across the world, Mr. McAdoo’s work has captured the attention of the world wide alternative art community.  

Even though I’ve been doing it for 3 years, I still get excited to bump into people I know, and catch up with them at events.  So of course when I found out Tyson would be on hand at the Alberta Bound Tattoo & Art Show in Calgary, I had to search him out to say hello. 

“Red Riding Hood”

In honour of my fave Rockstar Photographer Steve Prue, we posed for a “Wish you were here” shot.  

Friendly, gregarious, and no doubt coming to a convention near you, Tyson is always keen to meet his fans.  Should you see him out and about, don’t hesitate to tell him how much you love his work!  It’s easy to see how touched and pleased he is each time he hears how much his art inspires, and excites those around him.  And why wouldn’t he be?  Defeat and injury too often leave a young performer jaded, or without drive.  In the case of Tyson McAdoo, an injury provided a twist of fate that he wouldn’t change for the world.  

Want more Tyson?!?  Find him here:


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    Andy Beau Jangles

    Beyond a pretty face, I fell in love with your SG sets thanks to a musculature afforded by your equally amazing adherence to staying fit. It's with that same appreciation that I appreciate the hell out of Tyson's style. It reminds me a counterculture and toned-down version of Boris Vallejo's style, which I find very pleasing as well. This, however, is more up my alley, and should I

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