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It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Soft heart, rough hands

Once upon a time there was a website called Suicidegirls that featured the toughest, sexiest, tattooed chicks on the planet.  They were bold.  They were beautiful.  They were bad ass.  

Time passed, and the site grew.  Many of the girls became widely recognizable, and went on to model for magazines, clothing lines, and make appearances around the world.  

Then, one day, a very pretty SuicideGirl, with countless tattoos, and a lot of notoriety, settled down in rural Southwestern Ontario, and bought a farm.

I have followed Twwly for many years now.  As a model she represented free spirited, tattooed glamour, combined with unmistakeable intelligence, and a killer sense of humour.  Reading her blogs on SuicideGirls, I couldn’t help but look up to her.  Her lifestyle brimmed with friends, adventures, conventions, and incredible art.  

By the time I began doing the same conventions I had read about on Twwly’s blog, she had already moved onto the next phase of her career.  That of wife & mother, business & land owner.  Her day to day adventures, though no less interesting, now centred around decidedly more domestic activities.  

Lucky for me, I know a guy… Steve Prue.  Steve and Twwly, who first met during their time with SuicideGirls, have gone on to become good friends, above and beyond the website.

In April, the Canadian leg of the Rockstar Roadtrip brought us to Kincardine, Ontario, and I finally got to meet the lady I’d been following online for almost 8 years!

I had the pleasure of spending time with her incredible family, including her talented husband @vonscotch of Sugar Shack Tattoos, and their two adorable humans Bob & Mags.

Farm life

Make-up free and happy as can be

On the farm the animals are given a high level of humane care, and are even named.  Each head requires a certain amount of land and feed, and come rain or shine, the day to day workload is painstakingly sorted, and tended to by the family.  The children are treated to the joys of life on a farm, from tumbling in the fields, to picking up poop, to the birthing and slaughter of the animals.  Whether you believe in eating meat or not, the lifestyle that has been cultivated on this farm is a marvel to behold. 

Twwly.com captures the day to day minutiae of farm life in an easy, non-preachy style.  In her writing, as in life, she is clever, caustic, and self deprecating.  

I will leave you to peruse it as you wish.  In the meatime, I’ll give you a glimpse of what I saw when Team Rockstar went to the farm!

Roosters and chickens




 I learned so much from Twwly, that I’ve been struggling all day with how to put it into words.  So far, most of what I’ve come up with reads like a creepy fan letter.  

Perhaps the best way to articulate what I gained from our meeting is this:

Doing as you please isn’t a once in a while thing.  You really can have what you want in life.  If you don’t know how to do it, ask for help.  If you’re uncertain, seek guidance.  One should never let others expectations of them dictate the life that they lead.

I am inspired by so much about Twwly, but more than any of her other accomplishments, I admire the community of love and support she has fostered around her.  Grandparents, neighbours, friends, family – everyone does their share to keep things running.  After leaving the farm, I realized it really doesn’t matter where you go, what you do, or how you do it.  So long as you are happy, and can bring that same feeling to those around you, “you can do it however you want”.

Locally sourced & home grown farm breakfast

Whether you’re into adorable critters, sustainable living or just want to look at tattooed babes all day, the following sites will deliver a heft dose of all of the above:

You Tube
Sugar Shack Tattoo 

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