Tita Tuesday – Tsurufoto + Tsurubride = Love

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Tsurufoto + Tsurubride = Love

Last night I reunited with two of my fave people on the planet – Tsurufoto and his lovely wife a.k.a. Baby a.k.a. Tsurubride.

First up, we hung out at one of their favourite haunts – “Bogota” in Park Slope.  The night started with mojitos and sangritas…

It was a great warm up for what was to follow. Let’s face it.  I knew this was gonna get NSFW.  What I didn’t know was that it was gonna get super schmexy – Fort style!!

I am so incredibly excited to share our upcoming project with you… Oh my goodness!  Forts, and cupcakes, and nudiezines and a brand spankin new video

Y’all better stay tuned for that…

But wait!  There’s more!  Baby shot me for her new embroidery series – “Paper Dolls”
@tsurubride shooting @cupcakedujourfor a new embroidery? Fuck yeah!
(I got some amazing behind the scenes shots, thanks to Steve Prue. )
“Happening right now: @tsurubridemakin’ the pretty pics with@cupcakedujour #bts #rockstarlifestyle #nyc”
“Now @tsurufoto needs to adjust@cupcakedujour@tsurubride is giggling too hard to hold the camera still. #bts”

After the fort was destroyed, the cameras were put away, and the dance party subsided, we fell into a long talk about art, life, work, and love.  

I am truly inspired by my friends the Tsurus.  They have created an incredible world for themselves, filled with fun, sexiness, and creativity.  Each time we meet, I fall more and more in love with them.  Their talent is something to be marvelled at, and their relationship is something I look up to.  

As the night ended, they shared some of their incredible art with me, in the form of Tsurubride’s incredible embroidery & one of Tsurufoto’s Nudiezines!

@cupcakedujour got hooked up with some Tsuru Tswag! Thumb photobomb by @tsurufoto 

As usual, the time passed too quickly, and before I knew it we had to part ways.  Lucky for me, these two marvellous people are only a text, tweet, or tumblr away.  You better believe I take full advantage of all the ways I can follow along with their adventures.  

And so should you!

tsurufoto presents… Kate & Me. (NSFW) from tsurufoto. on Vimeo.

Chuck love.  “This is why we are friends”

 Do you love it?!?

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