Tita Tuesday – The Blonde Locks

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

It’s summer.

Time for babes, beaches, bikinis, and The Blonde Locks!

Model/cake eater/pitbull lover Bridget Blonde is face meltingly hot.  Not only that, she’s intelligent, hard working, fiery as fuck, and rad as hell! 

I first met Bridget while working with Steve Prue at Ink N Iron 2011.  She came right up to me and said “You’re Tita!  Steve showed me your pictures.  I love how strong you are – Strong women are the best!” 

Already a big fan of her work, I was super looking forward to meeting Bridget.  To find out she knew who I was, was beyond exciting.  

Of course Steve was around to capture our meeting on film…
“When Tita met Bridget Blonde”

Far from just a pretty face, Bridget is also a successful entrepreneur.  When not in front of the camera, Miss Blonde keeps busy with her Lifestyle brand The Blonde Locks.  Inspired by her love of skateboard culture, keen sense of style, and penchant for tomboy chic, Bridget created a line of streetwear that is taking over boardwalks, beaches, and skate parks the world over.  

In the year since our meeting, I have followed her adventures online, drooled over her beautiful photos, and picked up a boatload of rad clothing from The Blonde Locks.  

In April, Steve shot me in some of their newest gear.

American Lock Box Tank
Bear Lock Snap Back
Little Locks Bikini Top
Afterwards we grabbed some grub at one of Team Rockstar’s fave LA diners Swingers

In June we caught up again.
We ate food, talked social media, and took pretty pictures at Casa de Bridget.

“Dude, that’s so meta. Stop before my brain explodes” at The Griddle
Oh… and I got naked
Rollergirl 2.0.

Do you love it?!?
Bridget Blonde
The Blonde Locks

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