Tita Tuesday – Sophie King

It’ s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Sophie King
“Don’t call it a comeback”

When I began my foray into social media in 2010 there was one muse above all others that drove my journey… Sophie King.

“King” as she is called on Suicidegirls.com was an established fetish and alt model well before she turned pink.  In fact, it was her work outside of the site that I found most interesting.  The images she created with Chas Ray Krider were some of the first real “fetish” photos I had ever seen.  

The first time I met King at Hell City in 2009, I was positively star struck!  Here she was, alt model extraordinaire, sharing a booth with lil ol me.  Not only was she incredibly gracious and approachable, she was also sweet, soft spoken, and completely adorable.  

Her set “Bitter Glitter” shot by Alissa Brunelli remains one of my all time favourite sets to date!  Seriously.  This image.  Forever.  
In 2012 she created what is arguably the greatest thing to ever happen to iPhones: Titty Text Club.

Viva la TTC

Sophie King’s life seems to revolve around all of the things she loves- as quirky, freaky, or fantastic as they may be.  She really is everything I aspire to be.    

Last month, after missing each other at the last couple of Hell City conventions, we reunited during the Mid-West Rockstar Roadtrip.

King came to our cabin in the woods with fellow SuicideGirl Frolic to shoot wearing animal pyjamas with Gracie Hagen & I…

Dirty polaroids with Steve Prue

And a couple of TTC’s for the road 😉

She also dropped off one of the cutest cards I ever did see <3

Creative, crafty, and cute as hell, Sophie King lives all over the Internet.  Keep your eyes peeled for her many projects, and some of the best pr0n on the Internet:

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