Tita Tuesday – Sinstar Clothing

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds

By Jordan Mayfield

The Sinners, The Saints, The Lovers & The Haters

I recently saw the title “Brand Rep” and it got me to thinking…
On Tuesday’s I try to post content from my most esteemed artists, collaborators, and peers, so why not include the amazing gear I get from some of my favourite brands?!? 

This week I’m bringing you the first such post.  A Tita Tuesday featuring new photos, adventures, and supporting a brand I have come to wear, and enjoy. 

Sinstar Clothing

This time last year I was introduced to the one and only Thomas Winch.  Thom is both a sales manager for Sinstar, and one of the lead drum techs for Steel Panther (which is how we met).  Mr. Winch is currently on tour with Panther in Europe.  If you are a fan of metal, tight pants, long hair, musicians, babes, groupies, and well… general debauchery, I suggest you follow him and the band too! 

Sinstar is a UK based brand that has some genuinely dope gear for women and men.  From printed leggings, to tees, jerseys, snapbacks, and beanies, I have a crush on basically everything they do.  

My darlings Chloe & Moxi Suicide donned some of their gear for a series of photos. 

I was super lucky that when my own package of goodies arrived, my homie Jordan Mayfield was down shoot some photos, right here at home.
Some of the images have already been posted to social media, but there were lots that weren’t safe enough for work to be included…

Of course this wasn’t the first or last time Jordan & I would shoot together…
We made our video “Simply Tita” later that week!

I’m so pleased with how all of my projects with Jordan have come out.  Stay tuned for my trip to Hong Kong this month… where we will shoot even more!

Until then, I’ll be here in Vancouver, sportin my fave Sinstar merch, and acting ridiculous. 

Follow Sinstar here:

See more work by Jordan Mayfield here:

Do you love it?!?

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