Tita Tuesday – Shallynn Johnston

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Shallynn Johnston

“God gives talent. Work transforms talent into genius” – Anna Pavlova 

As you have probably learned by by now, I consider myself super lucky to be surrounded by incredible talent, and am inspired daily by my friends.  Not only do I find these incredible people on my travels, online, and in my modelling projects, I also have them right here with me in Vancouver!

Super rad lady and hair colourist extraordinaire Shallynn Cassandra has been looking after my colourful tresses for one year now.  During that time she has taken me from dark red to strawberry yellow…

back to red…

As lead colour educator at the Aveda Institute in Vancouver, Shallynn plays with and creates amazing hair colours for guests of all ages, and backgrounds.

She was recently sent to Calgary to host a special post Oscar style recap for CTV, and was also tapped by the Georgia Straight to give her opinion on this season’s hair trends “This spring, buns and punk ombre hair abound”.  
In January, the lovely Miss Johnston was part of the Rockstar Roadtrip, and the subject of a series of tattoo portraits by Steve Prue.  

One of my favourite things about Shallynn is her unwaivering passion for her work.  From a young age, she felt drawn to hair styling, and pursued it with an alacrity most often posessed by those much older than she.  Her rise to her current role was earned with a flawless eye, adept hands, hard work, and long hours.
Talent is sexy.

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