Tita Tuesday – Sash Suicide

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Sash Suicide


In the years since I first met Sash, we have covered numerous conventions together, (including San Diego Comiccon!), had photoshoots together, collaborated on digital media projects, and and forged a very strong friendship.
You can definitely see how close we’ve become, particularly in our photos by Steve Prue.
This year, we have teamed up behind our computers, as well as in front of them, for a new business startup called “Darwin Collective“.  
Darwin Collective is a group dedicated to clean web design, quality branding & social media dominance.  An off shoot of my social media business Du Jour Marketing, based in Vancouver, Canada, DC is the head of our stateside operations.  The business offers full service design, and development services, utilizing Sash’s incredible talents as a web designer, web developer, and all around digital media specialist.  

We have spent many a night this past summer in front of our 
computers.  It’s been incredibly rewarding to support each other, and foster growth in our personal, and combined collection of skills.  Seeing our ideas, and concepts come to fruition has, and will continue to be an incredible process, and I can’t wait to see what projects we will work on next!
What better time to share our latest photo set together!  Shot by Steve Prue in LA this summer, this new new set of fun girlie photos, showcases our love of all things Hello Kitty, and each other.
Hello Kitties
Follow her, and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with her too!
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