Tita Tuesday – Rick Legal

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

I recently shot with Vancouver photographer, and erotica enthusiast Rick Legal.  

“Legal has a unique point of view which sets his nude photographs apart from those of many other photographers. His approach to subjects is direct. His photographs are stark, but intimate. They are not necessarily pretty, but almost always erotic.” – Vancouver Observer

It almost didn’t happen.  

When Rick reached out to me via Twitter a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what I would do.  When it comes to shooting with a new photographer, particularly one who is twice my size, and male, there are a few precautions that I take.  I am also careful to make sure they understand my personality, aesthetic, and what my lifestyle is like. 

A cursory glance at his social media pages, and tumblr account had me concerned.  While I was undeniably drawn to the raw, edgy, provocative nature of his images, I couldn’t discern from his photos, and online interactions how raw and edgy he might be in real life.

Obviously the nature of the content produced by myself and my peers is of a sexual nature.  Too often this fact creates an expectation as to what we must be like in our personal lives.  As nude models we have “Daddy issues”, or, “lack self respect”.  Photographers are cast as “creeps” and “collectors”.  

In “real life” Rick is confident, but not overbearing.  Crude, but not vulgar.  Big (5’10/190 lbs) but not intimidating.  

Should you doubt that this is the case, you have only to look at the photos he produced to see, he can’t be any different than described.  There is comfort, honesty, and integrity in what we created, and I’m incredibly pleased with how it all turned out.  

So, should you choose to peruse Rick’s online persona, you should take note of a couple of things.  1. What people do in their own time is their own business.  2. I remain true to myself and my message.  Collaboration doesn’t change that.  

Even my dog liked him.  And let me tell you – that is no small feat 😉
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    The photographers who are able to gain your trust for you to model for them are lucky, but then again, so are your fans. The photographers get to take moments in time and make your vulnerability [physically speaking] a permanent fixture in their images, but also capture the ferocity of who you are. The ability to come across as both delicate and fierce is a complex act that you do very well. Rick

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    Thanks Tita,<br />I&#39;m new to your blog and am an aspiring photog with a loooooong way to go. As a guy, it&#39;s always been a dream to be able to photograph beautiful women. And as a guy, I fear coming off as creepy or weird. Thank you for taking the time to tell us how this collaboration came together and explaining how you, as a model, has to take certain precautions when working with a new

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