Tita Tuesday – Rick Legal Redux

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Rick Legal – Redux 

In October I shared a group of photos taken by Vancouver photographer Rick Legal.  Stark, and sharp in black and white, they were an example of collaboration at it’s finest.  Rick used his unique eye and aesthetic, to showcase my voice, and body.  Hard and soft.  Firm, but relenting.   To this day, the images from that shoot are some of my all time favourites.  

Fast forward 5 months, and I have a new crop of photos by Mr. Legal to share!  Taken the same day as our previous set, these edits and images were shared with me just last week, and have never been released. 

Rick recently launched his brand new website, and is available for glamour, headshots, and art nude bookings.  Check out his offerings at: http://ricklegal.com
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