Tita Tuesday – Rich Burroughs

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Rich Burroughs

I spent Easter weekend in Portland with my good friends Marissa & Shallynn.  It started as a girlie weekend, filled with donuts, and gossip, ended with an incredible photo shoot with self described “outsider”, the deeply talented photographer Rich Burroughs.

“I had a great time with Tita.  She has such an athletic body, it’s a very different look than a lot of my models.  She was interested in working with me to see what came out of the mix of her harder physique and my softer looking images.  I think the results were really lovely.”

For the first time ever, I got to shoot with professionally styled hair, thanks to my love Shallynn.  If felt incredibly liberating to have 100% confidence in my look. 

From the simple & athletic wardrobe, to the soft make up, and waves in my hair – this shoot hit incredibly close to home for me.  It highlighted all of the things I like best about myself, including my ability to perform on command.

The beauty of Instant film is that you have one chance to get it right.  The relationship between the photographer and his machine, and that of the model with their body must be  finely tuned.   It’s an entirely different feel than working with digital photography.   Working in this medium presented us with the challenge to “get it right” in just one shot.  Throughout the 4o or so images we took, I felt myself focus in a way that mimicked my time in elite athletics.  In competition, you get one chance.  You score the goal, set the record, stick the landing – or you don’t.  That’s it.  That’s all there is.  

The unique combination of this challenge, coupled with the incredible vision of Rich as my director, created some of my favourite images to date.  

Following our shoot, we took my dog on a long walk through the streets of Rich’s neighbourhood.  We talked about success, and disappointment.  We relayed stories of our lives, what’s shaped us, experiences we had in common, and those that made us different.  Between our collaboration in the studio, and our stroll, I felt incredibly comfortable and connected with this man, who just a few hours earlier was a complete stranger.  

Upon our return, we flipped over the tiny white squares, revealing 5 different looks, consisting of mostly black lingerie, and a few nudes.  It was such fun to see what we had accomplished, and to hold the thick, cool frames in my hands, as we picked out our favourite images.  I have posted a small selection in today’s blog, and sprinkled a few more across social media, but hopefully they will all see the light of day at some stage.  

I’m sure one in particular will make an appearance next year – in honour of our shared love of… chocolate.

Find more of Rich’s work here:

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