Tita Tuesday – Quantum Fawn

I reunited with the delightful Quantum Fawn while out on the Vegas leg of the Rockstar Roadtrip in June!

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Quantum Fawn
a.k.a. Patton Suicide Pt. 2
Reunited with the delightful Quantum Fawn while out on the Vegas leg of the Rockstar Roadtrip in June!
As I mentioned in my post last year, Patton is soft spoken, sweet, and demure.  If not for her impressively large, and colourful tattoos, no one would ever guess she was an ass kicking, no shit taking, cover girl, and nude model.  
Steve Prue has shot with Patton many times, but this time… I got to jump in for a few shots too!
We snapped a few instax photos for Steve’s Dirty Polaroid project, then got cozy for a couple of finished images, we affectionately call the “Kitten Pile”.  As you may have noticed, I don’t post nude very often any more, so shooting these photos with Patton was a fun departure from my usual fare. 
After years of representing a brand we no longer fully identify with, it was fantastic to create photos on our own terms, and more than anything, to enjoy each other’s company, and talent, while creating art that will be enjoyed for years to come.  
Do you love it?!?
Find the Fawn here:
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