Tita Tuesday – Patton Suicide

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Patton Suicide

In July I had the pleasure of meeting back up with the one and only Patton Suicide.  In person Patton is slight of frame, and quite demure.  In photos however, she is the quintessential blonde bombshell, complete with a bountiful booty and cascades of long, silken hair. 
“Don’t say I never gave you nothin”

Since turning pink in 2009, Patton has had incredible success as a model, and continues to add accolades and accomplishments to her impressive portfolio.  

She has appeared at conventions…

Hell City Ohio 2010 
Hell City Phoenix 2010
Hell City Ohio 2012

Been published in tattoo publications including Tattoo & Inked Magazine

And featured in apparel campaigns, including this one by our friend’s at Motel Cream!

Sophie, Patton & Rourke by Motel Cream

Steve Prue and I were super excited when she agreed to be a part of our Mid-West Rockstar Roadtrip!  Patton had great fun playing in our “cabin in the woods”, and posed with multiple props found on the property.  Best of all, after years of hanging out, and working with the same photographers, we finally got to shoot together!
Gracie, Patton & Tita “Three’s Company” 

But don’t be fooled, Patton has many skills beside being “a SuicideGirl”.  In fact, to keep up with this lovely lady, you’ll need to stalk her on social media, since her days of late are filled with more than getting naked on the Internet (although she still does that too!).  Having shot with luminaries like Chas Kray Rider, and Chip Willis, and with her work in high demand, the beauty has found a way to strike a balance between getting wild for the camera, and wildlife.  So much so in fact, that if you want more Patton, you’ll have to look further than SG.  You’ll have to Get Spooky 😉

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