Tita Tuesday – Orbax & Pepper

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Orbax & Pepper

“The World’s Most Extreme Two Man Circus Sideshow Comedy Magic Extravaganza”

Orbax Burnaby Q. Orbax & Sweet Pepper Klopek have been Fright Night’s featured act for the past 5 years.  Last year the duo appeared in the Jagerettes Canada calendar, and following their photo shoot, invited the team take in the show.  From our front row seats, we saw firsthand how silly, scary, and hilarious the Monsters Of Schlock can be.

“They’ve been banned, burned, blistered, bloodied, bruised, concussed, fractured, hammered, hooked, pierced, padlocked, spit on, stapled, sliced, slapped, smashed, scratched, (and now tattooed!) all in the name of… Comedy?”

This year, the 5 time Guiness World Record breakers and internationally acclaimed Canadian freak show planned and broke another crazy record.  They raised the bar by performing their “stupidest stunt to date” on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012, when Orbax tattooed his brother Sweet Pepper on a moving roller coaster.  

While I wasn’t there to take in the event myself, it was hard to miss it in the press.  No less than 4 papers featured the stunt in it’s pages, and local radio station SONiC 104.9 had the gentlemen in to their morning show.  It was that occasion in particular that reminded me the boys were in town.  Obviously, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to see my friends perform for the second year in a row, so I headed to the PNE with my partner in crime Rydell Suicide.  

“These are real traps.  This is real pain.  And that guys is real stupid.”

Since I’m easily scared, they thought it would be amusing to take me through a few haunted houses… I did my best not to dissappoint in the theatrics department.  

They coined the phrase “fear cramps” based on how tense I was following the experience.

I actually had to stretch when I got home.

The next day we met up for some dirty breakfast at my fave diner.  

Bacon – it’s what monster eat

FYI Quality people have quality friends.  Two of my fave people on earth – Freyja Veda & Dane Snyder have known the brothers for decades.  (We sent Dane our bacon cheers to make him jealous)  

Do you love it?!?

Get the 411 on Orbax & Pepper here:

Read more about their crazy rollercoaster antics here: Roller coasters and tattoos go together like Orbax & Pepper

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