Tita Tuesday – Nick Foote

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Worlds collide.

Sometimes my old life meets my new life in truly spectacular ways.

Meet Nick.  Nick is a very talented dancer/choreographer, SuicideGirls member,and comic-con attendee from Las Vegas, NV.  Nick & I met in August 2008, aboard the Independence of the Seas.  I was wearing my OG SG hoodie below deck when Nick crossed my path.  I thought nothing of it until he uttered “Nice SuicideGirls hoodie!”.  To hear him tell it, I promptly “ran away” with a look of shock and confusion on my face.  (The naked side of my life was on the dl back then)

Fast forward 4 years and Nick and I are now free to talk about all things naked, geek out at Comic Con, and even shoot some NSFW awesomeness with Steve Prue.  


Steve & Nick bonded immediately over a shared love of Star Wars, tattoos & geek culture.  It’s not hard to imagine where it went from there…  “Hey after your show, do you wanna come be an acrobat with Tita, and maybe get naked?


Ladies – take note.  I’m not the one who got naked 😉

“May All Your Pain Be Champagne”

You can catch Nick performing at the Imperial Palace in Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas
Follow his adventures on Twitter
Or, enjoy him at home with your very own Team Rockstar Print 
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