Tita Tuesday – Nick Foote Pt. 2

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Nick Foote Pt. 2

I teamed back up with my favourite nerdy dancer Nick Foote a.k.a. Feetloose while in Las Vegas last month!
We ate, we shot, and we talked for hours about what it is that former cruise entertainers like us get into when we leave ships.  It may not seem like a big deal, but it can be a challenge to shift gears, and fill the void left by ports of call, excursions, and late night trips to the mess.  It’s not that we’re any less busy than we used to be, it’s just that all of our activities, food, housing, and fun aren’t housed on on giant floating apartment.  

For Nick’s part, he has taken up residency performing in Frank Marino’s Diva’s Las Vegas.  

(I got to go watch the super fun show with Nick’s lovely girlfriend Tracey!)

Tracey is also a veteran performer, having danced all over the Vegas strip, and across the country. These days she keeps herself busy between shows with her amazing “Art Stylin” creations.  

I raided her work room, and fell in love with these Star Wars roller skates!

Tracey also provided styling, and this amazing chair for my desert shoot with Nick & Steve Prue.

Meanwhile Nick has been filling his downtime with photography. His new pro camera arrived the same day we did, which was quite serendipitous considering it’s an arena Mr. Prue knows a thing or two about.

Steve took the opportunity to play behind the scenes guy as Nick tested out his settings on a very attractive subject…

Specifically, the amazing cupcakes he, and Tracey picked up for me from Showboy Bakeshop

Nick’s first foray into still life photography came out pretty well if you ask me!

Later the subject became the photog, as Nick snapped this great photo of Steve, en route to the dry lake bed for our shoot.

On our final day in Vegas, we went on he hunt for, what else?! Bacon breakfast with our generous hosts.

Do you love it?!?

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