Tita Tuesday – Miss Mary Leigh Maxwell

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Miss Mary Leigh Maxwell

In June, I went back to the Ink N Iron show in Long Beach, CA.  It was super rad to return to a place filled with so much fun, and see so many familiar faces!  
One such face was none other than pin up beauty & sexy cover girl Miss Mary Leigh. 

I met this lovely lady at the previous years event, and had since seen her at Hell City Tattoo Festival, so I was super excited to run into her again so soon.

This year Miss Mary Leigh participated in the Ink N Iron Beauty Pageant and clinched the 3rd Runner Up title.  She looked gorgeous in a bright teal dress, and wowed the crowd when she sang a few lines on stage.  Gifted with more than good looks, her sweet voice, and shout out to Wanda Jackson made the crowd fall in love with her.

I caught up with her after the show, and as luck would have it, Mr. Steve Prue was there to snap a quick pic of the two of us together.

For the second time this year, Miss Mary Leigh is featured on multiple magazine covers.  In April she appeared on Skin & Ink, Tattoo Savage, and Skin Shots.  

This month her pretty face can be seen on the covers of Inked Girls & International Tattoo.

This lil lady has the whole package, but you don’t have to take my word for it.  Run on out to your local magazine shop and see for yourself!

Do you love it?!? 

Get more Miss Mary Leigh here:

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