Tita Tuesday – Melina Mason

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Melina Mason

Melina in “Maxine” by Steve Prue for DarlingHouse.net

Melina Mason is a porn star and model with LADirect Models.  

I first met Melina in 2010, at the Hell City Tattoo Convention. At the time she was modelling for SuicideGirls as Succor.  We had chatted online before, and had some mutual friends on the East coast, so I was super excited to work the SG booth with her.  Warm, animated, and genuinely happy to be at the convention, it was really fun to be at her first event as a model.  

Earlier that same year, Missy, Sash, Cherry, Sysca & I made a little video for the SG Video Blog, inspired by one of her posts.

In her own words…

I’ve always wanted to be in adult. Since I saw my first dirty magazine. 
I started nude modeling. I think it was when I was eighteen or nineteen, for a website called Suicide Girls. One day I was on a film shoot and there was a porn star there. She was like, “Hey do you want to get into porn?” and I was like, “Absolutely!” So she called her agent, who is my agent today, and he signed me that day, and I’ve been filming ever since. It was a pretty smooth transition for me.” (Taken from www.whackmagazine.com)

I was looking at some pics from last year’s EXXXOTICA NJ event when I found these snapshots taken by Steve Prue

I hadn’t seen Melina in over a year, so it was lovely to catch up, and hear all about her latest adventures.  

Mr. Prue teamed up with Melina at this year’s EXXOTICA Miami to shoot a feature titled “Maxine” for www.darlinghouse.net  

You can check out the rest of the images from their sexy shoot here: http://darlinghouse.net/beta/steveprue/2012/06/23/melina-mason-maxine/

Do you love it?!?

Want more Melina?!?   


P.S. This year’s EXXOTICA is right around the corner, so you know what that means… 
Time to brush up on my Segway skills!

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