Tita Tuesday – Lucas David Morgan

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds… 

Lucas David Morgan


When my friends in DiRTY RADiO introduced me to their longtime friend, and collaborator Lucas David Morgan, I just knew we had to work together!  
From his flare for fashion, to his avant garde technique, Mr Morgan’s photos have the perfect combination of surreal glamour, and pure artistry.  From rockstars on stage, and climbing up walls, to models being effortlessly encircled by flying sheets of fabric, the shots Lucas creates are nothing short of fantastical.  
Finally, after months of near misses, he literally showed up on my doorstep (to attend our annual Halloween party) and we set up a shoot date for the following week.

No matter how much I shoot, or who I get to work with, I am always super pleased when I hear that someone wants to work with me.  Me?  Little ol 4’11 me?!?  

When Lucas showed up to do some test images, the night before our main shoot, I was beyond excited.  Even though we’d met a few times, I had no idea what to expect, or how to perform in the same vein as all the wonderful images he had produced before mine.  

As it turned out, Lucas was not only incredibly easy to work with, he was also very well prepared, and came bearing a fun light rig, plus some super fun, customized props!  

You’ll also want to tune back in next week for the launch of our collab with Upper Decker Zine!  I’ll have signed copies of Issue 7 featuring these photos, and a fresh interview.  Head over to my shop for pre orders… They’ll come with a special surprise 😉 
Follow Lucas David Morgan for more fantastic images, and peaks at our other shoots!
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