Tita Tuesday – Landyachtz

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Landyachtz Skateboards
I recently had the pleasure of shooting with Steve Prue for rad Vancouver based skateboard brand Landyachtz!
Landyauchtz has been creating boards since 1997, but so much has happened since it’s creators “met back up” after skating together as kids, that to simply stamp the brand EST does it little justice.  What we have with Landyachtz is an engineered board, that was born, raised, and now bred in Canada.  Better still, it’s made right here in my hometown!  The ways in which they have contributed to the long boarding scene worldwide is evident not just in their history, but also in the fact that Mr. Prue was moved to purchase his all the way in California.  
As a long time skateboarder, Steve is not only familiar with long boards, at 6’4 he is built for it!  Having owned, and skated on many brands in the past, his current Rockstar lifestyle lead him to look for a size that stands up to his build, but also fits in a suitcase.  (Lucky for me, that also means it’s Tita sized).
Last June in Venice, after taking a few boards for a test run, he picked up his first new board in years… An “Awesome Little Cruiser” The Landyachtz Arrows Dingy.  We took it for a cruise down the boardwalk, played with it in the parking lot, and inevitably photographed it with a bunch of babes.
Mylee, Bob, Lexi & I
Lexi Belle
I’m thrilled, and excited to get my hands on my very own board, next month in Edison New Jersey, when Steve, Lexi & I reunite at EXXXOTICA NJ!
Stay tuned for pictures, videos, and silliness with my new Landyachtz board, and my fave babes!  
Until then, follow Landyachtz!!!

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