Tita Tuesday – Krysta Kaos

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Krysta Kaos
“smut maker. weed. fist. film. my dog. model. traveler.”

Krysta Kaos is an alt model, porn seductress, and incredibly talented photographer.  We first met last month, during the San Francisco leg of the Rockstar Roadtrip.

As previously mentioned, she popped in from Oakland to work with Steve Prue, and (lucky for me) we were able to sneak in a quick shoot too!

I was writing to Krysta to help set her time with Steve when she surprised me with a fantastic query:

Also wanted to ask you if you’d be willing to let me shoot you a lil? I only shoot analog. U can see some of my work at exohanalog.tumblr.com :] 

I was truly excited and flattered that she wanted to work with lil ol me!  I said yes, and the rest is photo history 😉

“Anything But Square” by ExOhAnalog aka Krysta Kaos

Here’s a little behind the scenes action, courtesy of The Rockstar Roadrip on Vimeo

Do you love it?!?

Get more Krysta here:

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