Tita Tuesday – Kid Cadet & Serena 3000

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Kid Cadet & Serena 3000

Last week I had the incredible fortune of shooting with a couple of Florida’s hottest ladies – Kid Cadet & Serena 3000

I first met Serena at the end of last year’s EXXXOTICA Florida show, when Steve Prue took some truly fantastic photos of her in our hotel room.  Heavily tattooed, especially by Florida’s standards, Serena is covered in work by some of the leading artists in the industry.  Her babe status is further solidified by her love of comics, wrestling, and role as curator at the Tate’s Comic’s gallery “Bear & Bird Boutique“.

 We bonded over her cupcake tattoo (with a mustache!) and the rest, as they say, in history.

Steve Prue had been plotting, and planning this year’s shoots for months before I arrived in South Florida on May 1st.  When the day came, Mr. Prue scooped my up from the Fort Lauderdale airport, and took me straight to the shoot (with a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts first).

The quirky and charismatic Kid Cadet was a very welcome addition to our plans.  Kid came complete with candy coloured hair, and her own happy meal.  So, basically, it was love at first sight!  Kid Cadet is a model, actress, and vocal artist, with a voice so big, you’d never guess it came out of her petite frame.  She has worked with the likes of Trina, and Kulture Shock, and was formerly a contestant on both American Idol, and America’s Got Talent.

The ladies, or “The Neckbreakers” as they call themselves, are die hard fans of the WWE, and showed off some of their amazing moves on the floor of the warehouse we shot in. 

You can catch the rest of this NSFW set at http://tmronin.tumblr.com

Note* The week after this shoot, I got in on the girl’s love of wrestling, when they invited me to be a part of their weekly Monday Night RAW party!  

The rest of our Team Rockstar Shoot was filled with kawaii, sillipants, awesomeness!  

And since there’s no such thing as “Too much of a good thing” we finished up the day with this fun little series…

Do you love it?!?

Kid Cadet

Serena 3000

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