Tita Tuesday – Kate Sweeney

“Pictures from our glorious day last summer”

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Kate Sweeney
“Pictures from our glorious day last summer”
Kate Sweeney is an artist, photographer, and curator of cool in Columbus, Ohio.  We met last year, when the amazing Gracie Hagen booked a group of shoots for us during the Midwest Rockstar Roadtrip.  We talked art, life, creativity, and what it takes to cultivate a lifestyle that doesn’t mimic the status quo.  Later we shot together with Chip Willis, and ate homemade almond butter, and apples in a cabin in the woods.
But first…
Here are the results from our afternoon together in the backyard, with Gracie, DJ Moxi, a hose, some freezes  and a couple of cameras.  
With autumn just around the corner, let our mostly unpublished photo set soothe your summertime sadness.
Kiss me hard before you go…




















When not behind the camera, Kate also spends a lot of time in front of hers, and others.  her look, effortless, yet focused posing, and remarkable wit, and intelligence has made her a muse for Chip Willis, and Aaron Tsuru to name a few.  Follow Kate’s accounts for links to her creations, and collaborations, and listen in as she talks about the many facets of photography with Tsurufoto.
Do you love it?!?
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