Tita Tuesday – Jim Mahfood Pt. 1

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Jim Mahfood Pt. 1
Pervert Train

Earlier this year, my roommate Rydell Suicide was surprised and delighted when an image inspired by her SuicideGirls set “Stray Bullet” made it onto the cover of the Tank Girl hard cover.  
When I head that the artist behind the image, SG member FoodOne, would be in Seattle for Emerald City Comiccon, I made a trip down to meet him.
In person, Jim Mahfood is just as energetic, charismatic, and enterprising as he is in print.  Ultimately, if you want to describe him in one word, you have no choice but to go with Funky
If you follow Jim online, or in comic circles, you’ll already know that he has far too many credits to list here.  Mr. Food’s work ranges from acclaimed covers, inkings, and creations in the aforementioned comic book world, to large scale marketing campaigns, and contributions to television shows.  (More on all of that can be found here)
For my part, I’d like to focus on one particular part of Jim’s world.  
The naked part.
In June I was lucky enough to work with Jim and Steve Soria in Hollywood, on a little project they like to call “Pervert Train”.

Behold the results of my first ever collaboration with Jim Mahfood:

Pervert Train

The beginning:

The shoot:
The aftermath:
As some of  you may remember, I had to travel from my session with Jim & Steven, directly to LAX… Bets were 3 to 1 they wouldn’t let me in looking like this!

I have to say, the entire experience was tops from start to finish!  In all my time in front of the camera, I have never worked so closely with an artist.  Literally.  All that came between Jim & I was a pair of knickers and a thin layer of ink and paint – and the latter only appeared after he put it there!  While I often shoot nude photos, and am not what most would consider shy, it should be noted that I would not agree to this level of contact with just anyone.  

At the end of the day, it’s up to the model to determine what their comfort level is with a project, and move forward well within it.  Not only do you risk your emotions, and self respect by bowing to someone else’s wishes (no matter how creative), your work will also inevitably suffer if you have even the smallest hint of discomfort.  To that end, I will concede that being body painted may not be for everyone.  
Lucky for y’all, it suited me just fine 😉
All aboard!
Do you love it?!?
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