Tita Tuesday – Ink N Iron

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Ink N Iron

Queen Pirate, Catrina Suicide, Moon Suicide, Thugxwife, Sidthe3rd, Choppedaves, KandyK
I made it to my third Ink N Iron Festival this year, and as usual, it didn’t disappoint!  In 3 shorts days I connected with people I admire, watched world class acts, and made incredible new friends.  Considering this event is where I made lasting connections with Bridget Blonde, Raquel Reed, Chopperdave, and crew guys who are now my buds on Facebook, it was no surprise that my contact list is up a few digits.   

Here’s the play by play on my weekend in Long Beach, and a little sneak peek at some rad Tita Tuesday’s to come…

Friday was “National Donut Day” so first up, Steve Prue and I drove around Long Beach lookin for some deep fried dough.  
D.R.E.A.M. (Donuts Rule Everything Around Me)
Incidentally, you will never want for donuts in LBC.  Shops are everywhere.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post in case you balance that choice out with a work out.  lol

Friday included some of my favourite Ink N Iron friends, good times, and rad bands.

Miss Mary Leigh

Each year we struggle to find post show food options.  This time around we decided to go with the obvious choice – Denny’s!  You know the story- A photographer, a rockstar and a model walk into a diner… Yeah.  Typical Ink N Iron.

“It’s always sunny side up in a diner”

Saturday was as usual, a long day filled with babes, more super stage acts, tattoos, and new friends that I am officially in love with.

This lady is all of the things you think she is, and none of them all at the same time.  Honest and earnest as they come, Thugxwife and I bonded over boobs, bums, and general silliness.  
Picked up some artwork, and a quick zap from Hairynscary.  I felt so lucky he had time for me!  Pick up some of your own limited edition prints here: 

My new friend Sid came out to visit, and experience his first INI.  It was amazing to meet up, and watch the Iggy Pop show together.

Sid Wilson

Always such a nice surprise to meet people for the first time and realize you have more in common than caustic texting abilities.  It’s also quite impressive to find out you are all Canadian 😛 

Thugxwife, Tita, Audrey Precious

The adorable and talented Audrey Precious makes some of the most fantastic clutches, and accessories I have ever seen.  You’re def gonna want to look into them.  
On Sunday, I made my annual trek to Frosted Cupcakery, to fetch a round of deliciousness for my favourite people.  
Frosted Cupcakes 
I bumped into talented photographer Derek Woods, and his lovely and dynamic girl Juicey J!  I’m a big fan of their work, and feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to shoot with them the next time I am in LA.  Stay tuned…

Derek Woods, and JuicyJ

As usual, there was too much fun and too little time.  I am super pumped on all the incredible photos that Steve Prue took, incredible art I have to bring home with me, and better yet – all the new friends I made at Ink N Iron this year!!


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