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Grit N Glory
Drink Coffee & Hail Satan
Most people know Steve Prue a.k.a tmronin as a fast talking, image taking, coffee drinking Rockstar, but what they may not realize is that he is also hands down the best tour guide New York has ever had.   

During my annual fall trip to the east coast, my Mr. Prue once again went out of his way to show me around the biggest little city in world, walking from top to bottom with me.  By days end we would see bands, burlesque, and an awesome show, but first, the incredibly warm weather had left me with a costuming conundrum.  Obviously I handled it the only way I could, and started shopping!  Steve took me on a day long trek all over the city, including stops in Williamsburg, St. Marks, and then, with his usual long stride, and sunny disposition, we walked all the way to the Lower East Side so we could visit one of my favourite IG accounts in real life – Grit N Glory!


I’ve followed Grit N Glory for ages, and have become a huge fan of their noir style, graphic tees, and daily dose of John Hughes meets generation X sense of humour.  


In a short time Grit N Glory has captured the interest of the creatively maladjusted, stamping their garments with lifestyle mottos seemingly penned by Delia Deets herself.  The store itself is part coffee shop, part fashion hub.  

Earlier in the year, Steve shot Amazon beauty Freyja Veda in the store. 


Upon arrival I was genuinely giddy! From this oft photographed sandwich board, to the giant, lighted photos of Megan Massacre in the window, it was such fun to see their shop in real life.  


I ordered the biggest iced coffee they had, and got right down to business with the help of their super cute, and helpful manager.  I picked up a rad Lawndale Blues muscle tee, which I paired with a pleather Harajuku Lovers skirt, and chucks, for the Massive Attack X show at The Amory. 


After my trip to the shop, I was thrilled to get a message from the owner, explaining that she was sorry she’d missed me at the store.  It doesn’t matter how much I travel, or how many talented and interesting people I meet, I always get super excited when people/brands I admire reach out to me.  A few short weeks later, I was thrilled to get a package from Grit N Glory in the mail.  They were kind enough to send me some tees, which have been in constant rotation in my closet ever since.


I brought the shirts with me to Hong Kong, where my good friend, and collaborator Jordan Mayfield was good enough to shoot some photos of me in them.


Get your hands on some Grit N Glory


The next time you are in New York, don’t hesitate to hit up their store at 
186 Orchard St. New York, NY 10002


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