Tita Tuesday – Fred Fraser Pt. 2

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Fred Fraser
Cupcake Du Jour

Fred Fraser has been my principal photographer, and collaborator in Vancouver, since 2012.  

Whether it’s a quick visit over coffee, a photo shoot,  his incredibly valuable opinion on a project, or even me assisting him, whatever we do, I’m always inspired, and pleased to be a part of it.

Last week we caught up in East Van to bang out a project that we have been talking about for months…

Namely, getting my bum, a cupcake, and a skateboard, into one shot.  

Simple in concept, we’d had a heck of a time making this shoot happen, owing in part to my travel schedule, but mostly to Vancouver’s sometimes unpredictable weather patterns.

When the clouds broke over Vancouver last week, we decided to make a run for it, and shoot our photos once and for all.   

I pulled my fave skateboard out of winter hibernation

Picked up custom cupcakes from Le Gateau Bake Shop

And scoped out the perfect alley location

Once we got all of the pieces together, the shoot itself took no more than 15 minutes.  The temperature that day was one of the coldest in Vancouver’s history, so I did my best to keep from shivering, and dropping the prized cupcakes.

I was in good shape all the way until our main prop came out – a custom Cupcake Platter! Unfortunately the metal beads on the chain became very cold while we were shooting.  So when Fred draped it over my shoulders it immediately put me over the top in terms of my ability to fight the cold.  We did just a couple of these fun shots before I literally starting shaking from head to toe.

I think it was worth it, don’t you?

I can’t wait for my next round of fun projects with Fred.  I love the way his unique set of skills, experience, and talent blend to make each of our projects new and fun

Do you love it?!?
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