Tita Tuesday – Fiend or Fauxx

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…


Bob Suicide
Fiend or Fauxx

Bakana koto iuna yo!

In June I had the pleasure of reuniting with one of my fave “Geeks” the lovely, and talented Bob Suicide.

Bob is not only an authority on all things nerdy, she also balances an enviable mix of glamour, intelligence, a successful modelling career,  and an impressive closet full of designer garments.  So when Bob asked me to join her in a shoot for Fiend or Fauxx, I jumped right in!  I mean… it’s not like I’ll be borrowing one of her Jeffery Sebelia gowns any time soon (hashtag short girl problems).

Skeleto Drawstring Tote

Bob and I shot in Venice Beach with Steve Prue, in summer staple short shorts, vans, chucks and some of the latest gear & accessories from Fiend or Fauxx.  Their “Metal Anime” aesthetic is just the right mix of sweet & sinister, and their graphic clothing is super soft, and comfortable.

Baka Bandeau
2019 tee 

Acrylic Bolted “Baka” Snapback  
“The future is always dark, but in Neo-Tokyo it’s even more sinister”
Follow Fiend or Fauxx to get your hands on some cho saikou “Metal Anime” apparel.
Follow Bob for the latest, and greatest in geek culture, toy reviews, nerdcore podcasts, and general sexiness cause let’s face it, she makes everything look good.
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