Tita Tuesday – #EXXXOTICACHI

I got to celebrate EXXXOTICA Expo’s 23rd show in the land of that other famous #23 – Chicago! 
As usual I was in front of, and behind the scenes, capturing the day to day awesome that is the EXXXOTICA series.
This show the production team added an additional interactive role for me – #FindTita! This hashtag was featured in the show program, and shared via our social media, as a method to get fans to work with me to create fun on site content.  All weekend long, patrons were walking up with a quizzical look, and the question “Are you Cupcake?”.  It was a great way to meet new people, and share the event with them.




I also got to visit with the lovely, and generous Tori Black.  We shared some donut action in the production office, and had a great work out session in the hotel gym on Saturday night. 


And of course I also spent time with my (and your favourites)
Allie Haze 


Lexi Belle is the cutest lil thing I ever did see!  Such fun, and super sweet.  I wanna hang out with her all the time! Stay tuned for more Tita & Lexi adventures in next week’s post 😉


 Burning Angel 


The always entertaining Evan Stone managed to sandwich himself into our pic of tattooed ladies. Hmmm… I think he’s used to fitting into small spaces. Wait what?



Phoenix Astani

Sophia Fiore is strong as they come! We chatted about eating healthy, working out on the road, and how she gets through long hours on set when she’s in competition prep.  


And the rest of my EXXXOTICA family!


I finshed out the weekend with a friendly game of Bowling, along side these misfits.  I can’t articulate how lucky I feel to be included in outings like this.  Having traveled for as long as I have, seeing and spending time with familiar faces is still a huge deal to me.  


This show marked my 5th year of convention, the first of which happened in the very same convention centre as EXXXOTICA Chicago.  I mentioned it on my Instagram page, but it bears repeating…
In 2009 I did my first convention in this very building. I had short, blonde hair, one tattoo, and bounced around in a pink Suicidegirls nightie. Since then I’ve attended 25 shows, learned loads, changed hair colours (several times), met amazing people, and gained a few tattoos. All of this has shaped my life in incredibly positive ways
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