Tita Tuesday – Dwam

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Photographer, model, tattoo artist, and writer Dwam is as prolific in person, as she is on the internet.  Creativity and beauty flow from her every move, word, and gesture.   After years of admiring her online at SuicideGirls.com, I finally got to meet up with her, last June, in LA.  

My dear friend Chloe Suicide played host to a mini shootfest, to accommodate the Californian leg of Dwam’s North American tour.  Beautiful models from all over CA traveled to Los Angeles to work with the talented Staff Photographer, and to creep on each other’s nude photo shoots.  

Steve Prue & I descended on the house part way through the afternoon, and walked right in on Vivid posing for her latest set “Like Silk”, which is now in Member Review
Afterwards, I took over as reflector girl and assisted Dwam while she shot sexy red head Kemper.
Yup.  I was front row centre for their upcoming set “How my heart” which goes into SuicideGirls Member Review on December 13th.

While I didn’t shoot with Dwam for SuicideGirls, I was lucky enough to get in front of her camera for a few shots on her film camera. 

Want more Dwam?  Peep her here:

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