Tita Tuesday – DiRTY RADiO

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…


“These are my boys and they’re the shizzle and the best band EVER!!” – Farshad Edalat.

This week’s post is a tribute to three of the most talented musicians I know – DiRTY RADiO.  Since meeting up in 2011, I have had the pleasure of hanging out with, listening to, and being inspired by them all.  

Here’s their story:

In just 3 years, Zachary Forbes, Anthony Dolhai, and Farshad Edalat, have accomplished the oft dreamt about, but rarely realized goal of impressing fans, critics, and industry insiders, with their tight mix of pop, soul, and synth.  

Their first album “Debut” released in 2010, produced addictive tracks “My Heart” and “Wanna Ride”.  In 2011, their follow-up single “Ground Shake” was immediately added to the rotation on Virgin Radio Vancouver.  The slick sound caught on quickly, and was soon being played on stations across Canada.

In 2012 DiRTY RADiO released a free mix- tape titled “Cassette”.  The download was accompanied by artwork for each track, and music videos including “Holiday”“New 2 Me”“Forever Alone”, “Killing Me”, and most notably “Found You” by Mikael Columbu.

After their music, the trio’s strongest quality is most certainly their ground breaking visuals.  The band has consistently backed up their releases with compelling and interesting media.  A quick google search for DiRTY RADiO turns up photos, videos, and a very active social media presence… as well as this pic of me and the boys, taken on location at The SONiC Nation.

My bum + @dirtyradio Cool Story Bro”
Hard work, talent, and unquestionable devotion to their craft has helped to set DiRTY RADiO up for what is sure to be an incredible 2013.  You can catch them on tour in Ontario this month, opening for Dragonette.  And, as always, all over the internet.

Do you love it?!?

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