Tita Tuesday – Dany Sorce

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Dan Sorce

Producer/Beat Maker/Lover of Electronic Music and #InstumentalHipHop promoter

I first met Dan Sorce in 2011, while working for CamoBear Records.  Dany is a gifted performer, inspired composer, and incredibly proficient producer.  While I’ve been aware of his talents for years now, we’d never had the occasion to work together… until last week!  

Recording something special for y’all!
But first, here’s the 411 on Dan…

Dan was a founding member of FNDMNTL – A downtempo-soul/acid jazz/hip hop trio who specialized in creating fresh beats and seamless soundtracks.  Their special brand of “Dubhop” was written to play like a never ending mix tape.  “The mind participates and the head nods subconsciously” while “beefy instruments, fat filled bass lines, sharp traps, and sugary sprinkles of tasty programming” satisfy the senses.  
If you recognize their name, it may be thanks to television.  FNDMNTL had music featured on networks including CBS, TBS, Showtime & Showcase, and were included on the soundtrack of popular programs “The L Word”, and “Godiva’s”.  

These days, Dany works in film, television, with independent artists, and for record studios.  

As luck would have it, he also has a soft spot for “fun projects with fun people”. 

As comfortable as I am in front of the camera, being behind the microphone is another story!  I’m super lucky Dan was there to guide me, coach my takes, and give me positive feedback.  He also made me laugh my butt off, which lead to more than one retake. Judging by the kick he got outta making me snort laugh, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mind. 

Do you love it?!?

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