Tita Tuesday – Daniel Puerta

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds
I have worked with, met, and been inspired by so many talented people…
I wondered how best to showcase this wonderful aspect of my life.
It occurred to me that the one thing all these people have in common is… Well… Me!  Why not celebrate them each week, with a new post highlighting the impact they have made on my life.
In honour of my new SuicideGirls Set “Fiera” I would like to talk about my collaboration with the lovely Daniel Puerta.

In March I visited Bogota & Medellin, Colombia with my roommate and fellow SuicideGirl Meshell.  One sunny day, I ventured from our Barilla to central Medellin, in order to shoot with Daniel.  We had never met, but Nahp Suicide, (who has shot with him before!) recommended him very highly.  And so, with her vote of confidence, and promise to meet me on location, I hopped in a taxi and said: “Me gustaria ir al Avenida de Poblado.”  
The shoot took place in the home of Daniel & Nahp’s friend Raeioul.  A talented graphic artist, and creatively inspired person in his own right, Raeioul was more than willing to let me “get naked” in his flat.  
And that’s exactly what I did…
Daniel is talented, sweet, and ever so slightly shy.  When we met, he was very quiet, but his demeanour made it impossible to mistake this for haughtiness, or indifference.  His pensive gait, slightly rolled posture, and youthful curls called to mind a young virtuoso- Confident in his craft, but uncertain of it’s true value.

Catch the rest of our set here:
Do you love it?!?
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