Tita Tuesday – Dane Snyder

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Dane Snyder

I’ve gotten significantly more colourful in the past 3 years, due in no small part, to 
the very talented, generous, (and silly) Dane Snyder.  

Not only is Mr. Snyder one hell of a tattoo artist, he’s also an incredible human being, and (together with his other half/partner-in-crime Freyja Veda), one of my favourite people on the face of this planet.  

Dane began tattooing in Niagara Falls in 2004, and has since developed into an accomplished artist, published painter, and a successful business owner. 

Dane excels in his preferred traditional and Asian inspired styles, but his talent for drawing and creatively interpretating his clients needs is perhaps his greatest strength.  My tastes may be removed from his typical clientele (if there is such a thing), but he always listens to my ideas, and translates them into something great.  Our latest undertaking (my lower left arm) is something like Barbie-meets-Nicki Minaj-meets-Showgirl-meets Ice skater.     

Since our first meeting in 2007, Dane has not only completed 8 pieces on me, 

… he has also tattooed my brother, sister, and even my Mum!

At this stage, it’s not only a family affair, it’s a lifelong, sealed in ink, bromance- complete with matching bacon tattoos.

My Mum has always said “If you go through life with one or two really good friends, consider yourself very lucky”.  Dane’s penchant for creating magnificent works of art (on skin and canvas!) aside, he is also one of the most reliable, down to earth, and truly good people I know.  When it comes to permanently staining my skin, a steadfast friend with a steady hand is more than I could ever ask for.  
You can catch up with Dane at Tattoo Conventions and Festivals around North America, or if you’re in London, Ontario, head over to GoldenAxe Tattoo!!  

In the meantime, you can find him all over the internet:

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