Tita Tuesday – Christian Carrera Pt. 1

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Christian Carrera Pt. 1

When Christian Carrera and I finally met up last month, it was tough to figure out just how long we have been following each other around on the Internet.  As with all things, the circles we run in have a fair amount of overlap, but the exact “how, when and where” of it eluded us.  

Suffice to say, I have been a fan of Christian’s on Instagram and Tumblr for quite a while.  When it was time to make plans for my trip to LA, he was quite literally, one of the first inquires I sent out.  
The way Christian uses flash mixed with street style, creates a look and feel that is sharp, stunning, and unmistakeable.  His images manage to look both deeply methodical, and easily candid at the same time.

Our collaboration brought forth so many rad photos, that I’m splitting this post into two.  For part 1, I’m going to share the set that is most representative of “how” we met.  Somewhere along the line, I saw some super rad pictures of Bridget Blonde, taken by Mr. Carrera (including the one above).  In light of this, it was only natural I wear something from The Blonde Locks during our shoot.  Bridget agreed, and was sweet enough to give us her new “Watch me be me” Tomboy Snapback.  

Christian & I also threw in something that reflected our shared tastes… namely my fave HUF Plant Life socks!  

 If you’re in the area, you should totally go and pick some up at his store Mainline Skate Shop 😉

Here’s a look at our first ever collaboration.  I feel like this shoot shows off our shared interests and tastes, and dynamically used the time and space we had available.  It also produced some of my fave images to date!  There is definitely something to be said for meeting up with likeminded people.  And so, without further ado, “Watch me be me” with Christian Carrera.

HUF X The Blonde Locks

But wait… there’s more!  Head over to http://christiancarrera.com to see the rest of the images from this set, and even more of Christian’s incredible work featuring gorgeous models, killer brands, and sweet nightlife.  
Do you love it?!?

To see more of Christian’s rad work, (and our complete series of photos!) be sure to follow him around the Internet:

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