Tita Tuesday – ChopperDave

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…


“It’s a Chopper Baby”

In June, Steve Prue and I made a pit stop in Hawaiian Gardens, CA on our way to Ink N Iron.  What, you ask, could have slowed us on our path to the Tattoo/Rockabilly heaven that is INI?!?  The one and only, Chopper Dave.  

With his attention to detail, and insistence on quality, he is well known in the world of  Choppers and, increasingly, in the world of photography.  Having seen his work with models like Bridget Blonde, and hearing countless tales of awesome from Steve, it was obvious we should meet up. 

When I mentioned that I had my roller-skates with me, his eyes lit up, and it was clear what we would be shooting that day.  

Laid back, and effortlessly friendly, he’s far from what you would expect from Chopper Royalty.  Although I had next to no experience with bikes or chop shops, he answered all of my questions with care, and even while perched a top one of his creations, I never felt out of place. (Mind, I’m also pretty hard to offend 😉 )

Behind the scenes by Steve Prue

Hold on to your seats, from here on in it’s “Bikes, Babes, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  As usual, adults only”

As always, there’s way more where that came from – Including a series of NSFW polaroids.  But I’ll let him tell you all about those…

When he isn’t busy building, he also writes for motorcycle magazines, and shoots pretty girls – preferably tattooed ones.  

Read more about ChopperDave in his interview with Big Tattoo Planet:

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