Tita Tuesday – ChopperDave Pt. 2

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Babes. Bikes. Boobs.

With just a couple of days until I head to Ink N Iron, the timing is perfect for the release (finally) of another round of photos by my fave Long Beach photographer Chopperdave!

These images are from our shoot in December 2012, which is actually the last time we worked together.  Since then, we have kept in constant contact, via text, social media, and through mutual friends who have gone to his Hawaiian Gardens shop, to shoot and create rad content.  

Bombshells Chloe & Moxi shot a series of super sexy NSFW photos that is guaranteed to knock the socks off of any one who views them.

As I mentioned in Chopperdave Pt. 1, Dave is a man of many talents.  From building top of the line choppers, and traveling to shows across the world, to shooting sexy bikes, and women for industry publications, he specializes in hard metal, and hard light.

Once Moxi, and Chloe had shot their share of killer photos, I joined them for a series of topless shots.  Given their impressive measurements, you may think this type of shoot would be difficult to pull off.  However, not only are both girls experienced professionals, but Dave also has a trick or two up his sleeve for situations like this…

Given our close friendships, and my height relative to the ladies premium busts, it was only natural that I get a hands on perspective on our very different, all natural physiques. 

After years of shooting images professionally, Dave’s work has an unmistakeable look, and feel.  These images are all straight from the camera, and do not have, (or need!) any retouching.  This raw, but high res style is a terrific challenge as a model, since what you give is what you get.  In the end, a Chopperdave shoot operates a lot like an anolog shoot, where each pose is captured immediately, with no second guessing, and zero recourse.  

You can see more examples of this in my Tita Tuesday all about Moxi Suicide!  

In fact, I’ve just updated it with brand new, NSFW photos from this very shoot!

Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates from my upcoming trip to LA & Long Beach.  

Moxi Suicide


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