Tita Tuesday – Chloe Suicide

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds

I have worked with, met, and been inspired by so many talented people…I wondered how best to showcase this wonderful aspect of my life.

It occurred to me that the one thing all these people have in common is… Well… Me!  Why not celebrate them each week, with a new post highlighting the impact they have made on my life.

What happens when 8 SuicideGirls, 2 photographers, and a chihuahua get together in LA?!?  Naked awesomeness… plus a chihuahua. 

The one and only Chloe Suicide hosted an impromptu shootfest with tmroninDwam, Vivid, Moxi, Milloux, Kurosune, Kemper and I yesterday.  

The SuicideGirls, Zivity, and TeamRockStarNSFW sets to come out of this “meeting of the (naked) minds” is going to be nothing short of AMAZING!  

More on that in the weeks to come 😉

In the meantime, (and cause we can) Chloe, Steve Prue, and I cooked up some decidedly NSFW images for you…

Chloe describes herself as an “introvert in an extroverts body”.  With curves that don’t quit, and a truly dynamic energy, it’s hard to believe this lady spends most of her time behind the scenes these days.  Gardener, baker, and host extraordinaire though she is, I managed to lure her back in front of the lense to show off her other um… talents.  She happily obliged my sexy, silly, lil idea.  And hey-  if you’re gonna go far, you may as well push it all the way.

“Flamingo Wasteland Redux”
Do you love it?!?

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    Tony Cordero

    i look forward to each foto layout presented. there is always something new to catch my attention and smile n how graceful you are in presenting yourself. a seasoned dancer flawlessly.

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