Tita Tuesday – Chip Willis

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Chip Willis

Chip Willis is a force of nature.  

I have admired his work for several years now, so when Gracie Hagen, Steve Prue & I were planning our recent Rockstar Roadtrip to Ohio, I put shooting with Chip at the top of my wish list.  
Chip Willis is everything you think he is, and none of the things you expect.  His images are powerful, bold, and sensual, while his in situ process is completely warm and playful.  
BTS by Steve Prue

At over 6 feet tall, Chip cuts an imposing figure.  One would expect him to dominate a space with his size and intensity, but instead he is friendly, warm, light on his feet, and almost dance like in his movements.  

Chip’s sweet, but commanding nature keeps an ease and confidence in his subjects, but encourages poses that are afire with ardent emotion and electric tension.  

Gracie Hagen

Kate Sweeney

The photo shoots are somehow candid and highly directional at the same time, creating a unique experience that can’t be repeated or recreated.  It all comes together to create what are arguably some of the most captivating images on the Internet.

Shooting with Chip Willis was a major item on my bucket list.  Getting to experience his style of shooting was an unexpected, fun, and very inspiring bonus. 

See more of Chip Willis’ incredible work online: 

Do you love it?!?  Stay tuned… There is much, much, more where these came from 😉

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