Tita Tuesday – Chip Willis Pt. 2

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds… 

Chip Willis 
Photographer Of People

“One of the things I love and goal, is my freedom to photograph people as I choose. I am available for hire, but this isn’t the point of my tumblr. People describe what my work is and I have a difficult time attaching a name to it. I shoot what I see. Hopefully there is some story in there. It isn’t about pretty, boobs, or other body parts. They are common in the work, but deeper to that, there is a person, and a blend of our personalities in the work itself, at least I hope so. “

I promised you more, and here they are…  
The second batch of photos from my shoot with the charismatic Chip Willis. 
From the moment I walked through the door to greet him, til the sun went down, we shot, and shared, and created photos with Chip’s unmistakeable intensity and aesthetic.  


“Beer Break”

“Catch Me If You Can”

“Everything Changed”

Since our meeting I have come into contact with more of Chip’s models and muses, and each has had the same thing to say…

Chip Willis is limitless. 

Can I buy your prints? www.chipwillisprints.bigcartel.com 

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