Tita Tuesday – Brice Ferré

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Brice Ferré

Brice Ferré is a well established editorial, commercial and portrait photographer in Vancouver, BC.

Born in Rennes, France, he studied at film school in Paris, before moving to Vancouver, Canada to pursue his passion for photography.

Brice enjoys taking photos of people in their everyday lives, “without make-up, when they laugh, when they cry, capturing the true soul behind a face”.  He feels that his photography is “not something he has created, but something he has witnessed”.

I first met Brice back in March, at the suggestion of fellow Suicidegirl Rin, who had worked with him in both photos, and video.

His popularity among models, burlesque dancers, actors, and performers in Vancouver,  means he has shot more than a few of my friends.  
Lola Frost & Melody Mangler


And so, it only made sense that we should collaborate.  Our first shoot was for his “My Song” project.  The result of which was our fun lil video “Single Ladies, by Pomplamoose.  

We met up again last week, for round 2…

The result?  A dark counterpoint to the usual Tita” –  “Sail” by Awolnation


My favourite part about working with Brice is his creative process.  The time from concept to completion, is faster than almost anyone I’ve ever worked with.  And yet, the quality never falters, or suffers from this quick turnaround.  Instead, each project seems infused with his enthusiasm, conviction, and a spark, not unlike the one present when you meet the man himself.  

Do you love it?!?
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    Nathan Musgrove

    Definitely seems to be a top notch artist, only have seen the things you have posted. Love the videos, and his style of photography. My favorite shot has to be the one of you in the beanie! Shows your pure beauty, seems raw, and plus a girl in a beanie is always sexy, lol.

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