Tita Tuesday – Bella Suicide

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Bella Suicide

Over the years I’ve met loads of SuicideGirls.  Seriously, between travel, conventions, and events, there are no less than 200 signatures in my well loved copy of “Beauty Redefined”.

At this stage, I can safely say that all of my friends are SuicideGirls, and none finer than OG pin up queen Bella Suicide.

I first met Bella at Emerald City Comiccon in 2010.  I drove to Seattle to attend the show with Meshell & Rydell

 Last year we made the journey once more, but this time it was for an epic party, hosted by Bella, Rydell & I titled “SuicideGirls Take The NorthWest”

We came, we partied, we conquered.

You can see more from our Instax photo shoots, in my Flickr album “Instant Gratification”
Most recently, I went to Seattle to visit Bella and have a fun girls night out with her roomie Meesh.  

I love this moment so much, I wanna marry it.

Bubbly for three
Shhh!  She’s more famous than that guy 😉
This month I’m going to head back to WA, this time specifically to shoot beautiful Bella with Steve Prue.  Seriously!   Her light shines so brightly inside and out, getting Steve out here to meet her wasn’t a hard sell.  

Do you love it?!?

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