Tita Tuesday – Behind the scenes at EXXXOTICA

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Today’s post is about the people behind EXXXOTICA.
For the past 3 years I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with a team of highly motivated, intelligent, high functioning, passionate, and successful people.  While these adjectives would be common place in industries more familiar to the world at large, they are not the type often thrown around in reference to pornography.  But they should be!
My bosses at EXXXOTICA, their families, and extended network are among the most professional, and pragmatic individuals I have ever met. I learn more over the course of a weekend than any business program or school could possibly provide. While it’s true we deal in the creation, and sharing of the largest show dedicated to the adult industry, at it’s core this show is about people, and it’s about relationships.
Whether it’s the patrons and their affinity for their favourite star.  Or the stars themselves sharing the life they have made on and off camera. The people who come through the doors at each EXXXOTICA are treated with dignity, and respect, and the show itself is run to the highest standard.

I leave each show proud to be a part of such a powerful and prosperous team, and count the friendships I have made there among my highest accomplishments to date.


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