Tita Tuesday – Ashle Danger

It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Ashle Danger

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting “The Sexy Nerd” Ashle Danger while she was on set with Steve Prue, shooting an editorial for Urban Ink Magazine.  

Ashle playfully describes herself as “Half Cyborg/Half Ninja, and Completely Amazing”.  I for one can back up the latter claim since we spent the better part of a day together hanging out, talking Nintendo, and shooting with Steve Prue.  

Having attended countless comic conventions, I’ve become what I like to call, a well versed video game pedestrian.  That means I get to hear all about what’s new and exciting, see the cosplay, read the reviews, but I don’t actually play any video games.   

With one exception…  

For years now I have answered questions from the gaming community in the same way.  Q: What is your favourite game?  A: Duck Hunt  

Why?  Simple really.  When I last had free time to dedicate to relentlessly eradicating something on a TV screen, I was a mere infant. My weapon of choice? A duck hunt gun, attached to my Dad’s old beat up Nintendo system (we weren’t allowed to mess with the updated model).
Ashle Danger, on the other hand, not only keeps up with the latest and greatest in video games, consoles and related merchandise, she actually leads the pack!  Ashle posts reviews, write ups, and articles on everything gamer, cosplay and nerd related on her website www.ashledanger.com.

She has carved out an incredible niche for herself, and given it a home on her professionally designed, well run website.  There, Ashle regularly provides commentaries on topics ranging from games to television, sneakers to beauty, and more.  

“While covering an array of topics, the site’s voice creates unique experiences for visitors by providing a “His & Hers” take on style, up-to-date trend forecasts, passionate reviews on the latest products, games and brands, as well as welcoming Video Game lovers to engage in a interactive experience with the sexy social media goddess herself.”

Ashle is talented and passionate, super sweet, and incredibly beautiful.  If gaming isn’t you thing, some of that outta hold ya 😉 

And don’t miss out on following Ashle’s incredible make up artist, and the brains behind our kawaii gamer girl looks – Lila!

Do you love it?!?

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